Columbia University

Postdoctoral Research Scientists

LinkedinIconDr. Guy Grebla

2013 – 2015
Co-advised with Prof. Dan Bienstock
Current Affiliation: Google

LinkedinIconDr. Maria Gorlatova

Summer 2013 – Fall 2013
Current Affiliation: D. E. Shaw Research

Dr. Dorian Mazauric

2011 – 2012
Co-advised with Prof. Augustin Chaintreau and Prof. Vishal Misra
Current Affiliation: INRIA, France

LinkedinIconDr. Caroline Lai

Summer 2011
Co-advised with Prof. Keren Bergman
Current Affiliation: Rockley Photonics Inc.

Dr. David Hay

2009 – 2010
Current Affiliation: Associate Professor, Computer Science, Hebrew University, Israel.

Ph.D. Students

LinkedinIconRobert Margolies

NSF Graduate Research Fellow
Graduated 2015
Thesis: “Resource Allocation for the Internet of Everything: From Energy Harvesting Tags to Cellular Networks”
Current Affiliation: AT&T Labs Research

LinkedinIconBerk Birand

IBM Ph.D. Fellow
Graduated 2014
Thesis: “Cross-layer resource allocation algorithms in wireless and optical networks” (Jury Award Recipient)
Current Affiliation: Startup Founder

LinkedinIconMaria Gorlatova

Columbia Presidential Fellow, NSREC CGS Fellow, and Google Anita Borg Fellow
Graduated 2013
Thesis: “Energy Harvesting Networked Nodes: Measurements, Algorithms, and Prototyping” (Jury Award Recipient)
Current Affiliation: D. E. Shaw Research

Shuzo Tarumi

Co-advised with Prof. Ed Coffman
Graduated 2010
Thesis: “Analysis of Spectrum Fragmentation in Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks”
Current Affiliation: Softbank Corp., Japan

M.S. Students with Thesis or Final Project

Gerald Stanje

M.S. student at the University of Klagenfurt, co-advised with Prof. Bernhard Rinner
Graduated 2012
Thesis: “Design, Development, and Implementation of Energy-Harvesting-Aware Communication Protocols for the Energy-Harvesting Active Networked Tags (EnHANTs)”

Muhammad Taher

M.S. student at the Technion, co-advised with Prof. Adrian Segall
Graduated 2012
Final Project: “MAC Protocol for Wireless Networks with Multipacket Reception Capability”
Current Affiliation: Intel, Israel


Jaime Ferragut

Visiting Ph.D. student from CTTC, Spring – Summer 2012

Prof. Damiano Carra

Visiting Professor from University of Verona, Spring 2012

LinkedinIconDr. David Hay

Senior Lecturer (Assistant Professor), Computer Science, Hebrew University
Visiting Associate Research Scientist, Fall 2011

LinkedinIconAndrey Bernstein

Visiting Ph.D. student from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, 2010 – 2011
Current Affiliation: Postdoctoral Researcher, School of Computer and Communication Sciences, EPFL

Aya Wallwater

Visiting M.S. Student from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, 2009 – 2010
Current Affiliation: Ph.D. student Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, Columbia University

M.S. Students

Rama Subbaraya Kompella

Electrical Engineering M.S. Student

Spring 2015

Earvin Caceres

Electrical Engineering M.S. Student (Tesla Scholar)

Fall 2013 – Fall 2014

Craig Gutterman

Electrical Engineering M.S. Student (Tesla Scholar)

Summer 2012 – Fall 2013

Patrick Clare

Electrical Engineering M.S. Student

Fall 2013

John C. Sizemore

Computer Science M.S. Student

Summer 2013

  • Haodan Huang, Fall 2011 – Spring 2012
  • Michael Zapas, Fall 2011 – Spring 2012
  • Sonal Shetkar, Spring 2011 – Fall 2011
  • Apoorva Gade, Summer 2011
  • Meric Uzunoglu, Summer 2010 – Spring 2011
  • Zainab Noorbhaiwala, Summer 2010 – Spring 2011
  • Enlin Xu, Fall 2009 – Summer 2010
  • Tarun Sharma, Fall 2009, Spring 2010
  • Ashwath Narasimhan, Summer 2009 – Fall 2009
  • Dongzhen (Park) Piao, Spring 2009 – Fall 2009
  • Shilpa Srinivasan, Fall 2009
  • Devendra Laulkar, Summer 2009
  • Ellen Shlossberg, Summer 2009
  • Sergio Rico, Fall 2008

Undergraduate Students

Alexandre Simoes

Visiting Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Student from Universidade de Sao Paulo via the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program
Summer 2015

Preetish Tilak

Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Student from Purdue University
Summer 2015

Marc Kurtz

REU student from City College of the City University of New York

Summer 2014 – Summer 2015

Supanath Juthacharoenwong

Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Student

Fall 2014

Adam Edelstein

REU Student from Yeshiva University

Summer 2014

Russell Spiewak

REU Student from Yeshiva University

Summer 2014

Benjamin Zhu

Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Student

Summer 2014

Richard Chiou

Computer Science Undergraduate Student

Fall 2013 – Spring 2014

Mina Cong

Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Student

Fall 2011 – Fall 2013

Vanshil Shah

Computer Engineering Undergraduate Student

Summer 2013 – Fall 2013

Tingjun Chen

Visiting Undergraduate Electrical Engineering Student from Tsinghua University, China

Summer 2013

Josiah Hutchinson

REU student from Northern Arizona University

Summer 2013

Kanghwan Kim

Visiting Undergraduate Electrical Engineering Student from Cooper Union

Summer 2012 – Summer 2013

Matthew Cowan

Computer Science Undergraduate Student

Spring 2013

Luis Pena

Computer Engineering Undergraduate Student

Fall 2012 – Spring 2013

Ishaan Sayal

Visiting Undergraduate Student from PEC University of Technology (formerly Punjab Engineering College), Chandigarh, India

Spring 2013

  • Albert Maldonado, REU student from University of Puerto Rico, Summer 2012
  • Elliot Katz, Spring 2012
  • Dillen Roggensinger, Spring 2012
  • Osman Ahmed, REU student from Texas Southern University, Summer 2011
  • Michael Zapas, Summer 2010 – Spring 2011
  • Hari Subedi, REU student from University of Arizona, Summer 2010
  • Abraham Skolnik, Spring 2010 – Summer 2010

High School Students

Oz Bejerano

Student from Union County Academy of Information Technology and CIAN Young Scholar

Summer 2015

Caroline Schiavo

Student from Kent Place School through the NYU GSTEM Program and CIAN Young Scholars Program

Summer 2014

Sohan Kumar

Student from Peddie High School and CIAN Young Scholar

Summer 2013