Columbia University

Maria Gorlatova, Jelena Marasevic, and Saleh Soltan received four awards

WiMNet Ph.D. students Maria Gorlatova, Jelena Marasevic, and Saleh Soltan received four awards from the Department of Electrical Engineering:
  • Maria received the Jury Award – “Established in 1991, this award is presented to a graduate student or recent graduate for outstanding achievment in the areas of systems, communications, signal processing, or circuits”. This is the highest recognition awarded by the department to a Ph.D. student.
  • Saleh received the Armstrong Memorial Award – “Awarded to one outstanding candidate for the M.S. to honor the late Edwin Howard Armstrong, professor of Electrical Engineering and inventor of wideband FM broadcasting, the regenerative circuit, and other basic circuits of communications and electronics.” This is the highest recognition awarded by the department to an M.S. student.
  • Jelena received the Millman Award for an Outstanding Teaching Assistant, a certificate and prize, in honor of Jacob Millman, awarded to two of the most outstanding teaching assistants for the academic year.
  • Jelena also received the M.S. Award of Excellence – awarded to the top 3% of the Electrical Engineering M.S. students.

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