Columbia University

A grant from the DARPA RADICS program

image001Prof. Zussman is part of a team that received an $8M grant from the DARPA Rapid Attack Detection, Isolation and Characterization Systems (RADICS) program. The RADICS program focuses on cyber attacks on the power grid and its dependent systems. The project titled “Machine-Intelligence for Advance Notification of Threats and Energy-Grid Survivable Situational Awareness (MANTESSA)” is led by Applied Communication Sciences (Vencore Labs) and the other participants include Princeton University and Carnegie Mellon University. The co-PIs within Columbia are Professors Dan Bienstock, Dan Rubenstein, and Vishal Misra.

The project will focus on addressing the problem of early detection of cyber-attacks on the North American power grid. Specifically, the MANTESSA system intends to provide early warnings, spoofing detection and situational awareness, by means of continuously executing anomaly detection algorithms (for more details see the news release). WiMNet Lab’s contribution to the project will build on our previous work in the area of power grid and communication networks resilience.

For more details see the DSI news item.