Columbia University

Jelena Marasevic, Jan Janak (CS), Prof. Schulzrinne, and Prof. Zussman received a Best Educational Paper Award

NewItem1WiMNet Ph.D. student Jelena Marasevic, Jan Janak (CS Research Scientist), Prof. Henning Schulzrinne, and Prof. Gil Zussman received the Best Educational Paper Award at the 2nd GENI Research and Educational Experimentation Workshop (GREE2013), co-located with the 16th GENI Engineering Conference (GEC16).

The paper is entitled “WiMAX in the Classroom: Designing a Cellular Networking Hands-on Lab”. It describes a hands-on lab focusing on the WiMAX (4G) technology. The hands-on lab was developed for Prof. Zussman’s class (ELEN 6951: Wireless & Mobile Networking II) and it uses the experimental WiMAX basestation that was deployed at the Columbia campus as part of the NSF GENI project by the group of Prof. Schulzrinne. While most wireless teaching labs designed to date focus on random access technologies (for example, Wi-Fi), the collaboration between the groups has led to the design of the first cellular networking teaching lab. The teaching material is available here and can be used in other campuses where a WiMAX GENI base station is deployed.