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Prof. Zussman’s project highlighted as one of eight Marie Curie Success Stories

In 2004, Prof. Zussman is received the Marie Curie Outgoing International Fellowship from the European Commission for the project “MACNET-UWB: Design and analysis of medium access control and network protocols for ultra-wideband ad hoc networks” (as one of 75 recipient among applicants from 30 European countries). Within the framework of this project, he conducted research in MIT and at the Technion.

The European Commission recently published a book entitled Marie Curie Actions – Inspiring Researchers. The book showcases Marie Curie projects within the various programs. In particular, the chapter “Recognized Achievements” includes 8 projects and “profiles some of our exceptional Marie Curie beneficiaries who have received notable accolades in their chosen field”. Prof. Zussman’s project is one of the projects profiled in that chapter.