Columbia University

Dr. Gail Gilboa-Freedman

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Electrical Engineering
Columbia University

Email: gg2637[at]

Dr. Gail Gilboa-Freedman received her BA degree in Mathematics and Computer Science (cum laude) from the Technion in 2001 and her M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics from the Technion in 2005. She received her Ph.D. from the department of Statistics and Operations Research in the school of Mathematical Sciences in Tel Aviv University in 2011.

Over the years she has worked for Elbit Systems, IBM Research Lab, and the Innovation Center of Citi Group. In 2014-15, she was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management in the Technion. She is currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the school of Computer Science  in Tel Aviv University and at the Dept. of Electrical Engineering in Columbia University.


Postdoctoral Researcher, Industrial Engineering & Management, Technion

  • Working with: Prof. Rann Smorodinsky, Prof. Iddo Erev.

Ph.D., Mathematics, Tel Aviv University

  • Supervisor: Prof. Refael Hassin.

M. Sc. Applied Mathematics, Technion

  • Supervisor: Prof. Naama Brenner

B.A. Mathematics & Computer Science, Technion

  • Cum Laude.

Work Experience

Citi Bank, Innovation center, Data-Science lab.

  • Quant developer: Project dealing with Optimization of FOREX deals: Analysis of big data. Applying strategies into production.

IBM Haifa research lab, Collaboration technologies group

  • Researcher & Programmer (Java): Projects dealing with synchronous-collaboration and social-networks-architecture.

Elbit systems

  • Programmer (Ada): For avionic flights instruments.


Technion Executive MBA

  • Lecturer: Quantitative Methods

Tel Aviv University

  • Lecturer: Probability & Statistics.
  • Teaching assistant: Operation Research.


  • Teaching assistant: Calculus, Algebra.
  • Excellent Teaching assistant award.


Networks, Data Science, Operation Research, Queuing Theory, Game Theory, Decision Theory.


  • Programming Languages: experience in Matlab, Java
  • Data Science Algorithms: experience of teaching and working with a wide range of algorithms in the realms of Machine Learning, Network Science, Computer Science and Operation Research.

List of Publications


  • Gilboa-Freedman, Gail, and Refael Hassin. “Regulation under partial cooperation: The case of a queueing system.” Operations Research Letters42.3 (2014): 217-221.
    Gail Gilboa-Freedman, Refael Hassin
  • Gilboa-Freedman, Gail, Refael Hassin, and Yoav Kerner. “The price of anarchy in the Markovian single server queue.” Automatic Control, IEEE Transactions on 59.2 (2014): 455-459.
  • Gilboa, Gail, Ronen Chen, and Naama Brenner. “History-dependent multiple-time-scale dynamics in a single-neuron model.” The Journal of neuroscience25.28 (2005): 6479-6489.
  • Jacovi, M., Soroka, V., Gilboa-Freedman, G., Ur, S., Shahar, E., & Marmasse, N. (2006, November). The chasms of CSCW: a citation graph analysis of the CSCW conference. In Proceedings of the 2006 20th anniversary conference on Computer supported cooperative work (pp. 289-298). ACM.

Selected International Conferences

  1. NetSci: The international school and conference on network science, MIT, Boston, U.S., 2010
    • A model for network evolution
  2. EURO European Conference on Operation Research, Bonn, Germany, 2009
    • Price of anarchy in the M/M/1 queue
  3. NPUC New Paradigm in Using Computers IBM Almaden research center, U.S, 2006
    Two presentations:

    • SONAR- social networking architecture ;
    • Pattern-motifs in the Enron email data sets
  4. COSYNE Computational Systems Neuroscience NY, U.S., 2004.
    A single neuron model with multiple-time-scales dynamics


  • Gilboa-Freedman, Gail, Natalia Marmasse, and Vladimir Soroka. “Differential availability determination and notification.” U.S. Patent No. 7,991,721. 2 Aug. 2011.


  • Gail Gilboa-Freedman, Kobbi Nissim, Rann Smorodinsky, “Characterization of  privacy loss”.
  • Gail Gilboa-Freedman, Refael Hassin, “When Markov-chains meet : a continuous time model for network evolution”.
  • Eli Brosh,Gail Gilboa-Freedman, Hanoch Levy, Yuval Rochman, “Optimal resource re-positioning in Geo-distributed cloud”.

In Writing

  • Gail Gilboa-Freedman, Rann Smorodinsky, “Characterization of social preference”.
  1. Gail Gilboa-Freedman, Iddo Erev, Yefim Roth, “On the effectiveness of repentance-reward-policy”.