Columbia University

Prof. Maria Gorlatova received the NSF CAREER award

MariaFormer WiMNet Lab Ph.D. student Prof. Maria Gorlatova received an NSF CAREER Award to build the Foundations of IoT-Supported Mobile Augmented Reality.

Maria’s current research focuses on the challenges and opportunities associated with adding connectivity and intelligence to every device big and small — the cross-disciplinary area known as the Internet of Things. Her work involves the development of architectures, algorithms, and protocols for pervasive technologies of the future. This work crosses traditional discipline boundaries and requires thinking across multiple layers of system and protocol stacks. She is particularly interested in the opportunities associated with fog and edge computing, and in breaking the barriers for technologies that enable fundamentally new deployments and experiences, such as energy harvesting and augmented reality. More information about her current research is available here.

More information on her NSF Career Award can be found here.