Columbia University

Top Prize in “Enabling Technology” for a demo in the NYC Media Lab Summit

A demo presented in the 2019 NYC Media Lab Summit by WiMNet Ph.D. student Craig Gutterman and WiMNet undergraduate student Trey Gilliland received the Top Prize in the Enabling Technology category.

The demo titled “Requet: Real-Time QoE Detection for Encrypted YouTube Traffic” is based on a joint project with former WiMNet undergraduate student Sarthak Arora, Bell Labs researchers Dr. Katherine Guo, Dr. Xiaoyang Wang, and Dr. Les Wu, and Professors Ethan Katz-Bassett and Gil Zussman. The project is motivated by the fact that as video traffic dominates the Internet, operators need to detect video Quality of Experience (QoE) to ensure video traffic support. However, with deployment of end-to-end encryption, network packet-based detection is becoming ineffective. To resolve this issue, Requet enables real-time QoE metric detection for encrypted video traffic using machine learning. The system was presented in an ACM MMSyS’19 paper and the Media Lab demonstration included very recent results by Trey and Craig.

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