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Creative Tech Award for a Full-duplex Demo in the NYC Media Lab’s Annual Summit

A demo presented in the 2018 NYC Media Lab’s Annual Summit by WiMNet M.S. and undergraduate students Guy Farkash and Jackson Welles received the Creative Tech Award in Engineering.

The demo, titled “Open-Access Full-Duplex Wireless in the ORBIT Testbed“, presents a practical open-access full-duplex radio enabling simultaneous transmission and reception on the same frequency channel for 5G wireless communications. The full-duplex radio was developed within the FlexICoN project and integrated in the ORBIT testbed. The contributors to the demo are Tingjun Chen, Mahmood Baraani Dastjerdi, Guy Farkash, Jackson Welles, Jin Zhou, Harish Krishnaswamy, and Gil Zussman, and it was also presented by WiMNet Ph.D. student Tingjun Chen at IEEE INFOCOM in April, 2018.

A full-duplex experiment which is based on this radio will be one of the first experiments for the NSF PAWR COSMOS project.

Open-Access Full-Duplex Wireless in the ORBIT Testbed

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