Columbia University

Grant From the NSF RINGS Program

NSFProf. Eytan Modiano (MIT), Prof. Gil Zussman, and WiMNet Postdoctoral Research Scientist Dr. Igor Kadota received an NSF grant from the NSF RINGS program. The $850K project is titled “Enabling Wireless Edge-cloud Services via Autonomous Resource Allocation and Robust Physical Layer Technologies.”

The goal of this project is to develop autonomous network control algorithms that will enable robust and resilient distributed computing wireless networks through a combination of physical layer technology, edge-cloud computing, and intelligent network control. In particular, the project team is developing an autonomous network control framework that can jointly address resiliency in the physical and application layers by dynamically adapting the next-generation wireless communication systems to the time-varying conditions of the environment and, at the same time, intelligently allocating the available communication and computation resources in order to meet the performance requirements of time-sensitive edge-cloud services. The network control framework makes resource allocation decisions dynamically and in an autonomous manner, without prior knowledge of traffic statistics and network conditions, making it resilient to changes in the network and environment. The project team is using the COSMOS testbed to prototype, experiment, and evaluate the network control framework and its application to edge cloud systems.