Columbia University

KeeVeeve led by Mahshid Ghasemi selected to the Inaugural VALIDATE Accelerator

6 teams were selected for CS3’s inaugural Spring 2024 NSF Smart Streetscapes VALIDATE Accelerator cohort. WiMNet lab PhD student Mahshid Ghasemi co-lead the KeeVeeve Team which is of the VALIDATE teams.  KeeVeeve will provide real-time traffic, crowd, and road information for the general public. Leveraging existing city edge-cloud servers and traffic and surveillance cameras, KeeVeeve will anonymously visualize current traffic information on an interactive map and provides an API smart city technologies (ie. autonomous vehicles, smart traffic lights, and smart street lights) can connect to. KeeVeeve will help general vehicles and pedestrians reduce commute times, enhancing the accessibility and safety of cities. It builds on the work that has been done in WiMNet lab and the COSMOS testbed in the area of smart cities.