Columbia University

Dr. Jonathan Ostrometzky joins the faculty of Tel Aviv Univesrity

OstrometzkyDr. Jonathan Ostrometzky, a Postdoctoral Research Scientist in the WiMNet lab, recently joined the Faculty of Engineering in Tel Aviv University as a faculty member.

Jonathan joined Columbia Electrical Engineering in March 2018. In addition to working with members of WiMNet lab, he also joined a number of multidisciplinary research projects that involved close collaboration with Prof. Daniel Bienstock and with Prof. Zoran Kostic. He also worked with Emily Ford and Dr. Karen Cheng from Columbia Engineering Outreach on outreach activities as part of the NYU and Columbia teams of the COSMOS RET summer program in the summers of 2018 and 2019, and on the Verizon 5G EdTech Challenge.

Jonathan has led WiMNet lab’s NSF-BSF project in the area of wireless networks robustness via weather-sensitive predictive management and will continue to work on it in Tel Aviv university. Moreover, he has performed research in the area of power grid resilience and worked on the COSMOS project. In particular, Jonathan focused on the COSMOS program for middle and high school teachers.

Jonathan recently joined the Faculty of Engineering at Tel-Aviv University in a tenure-track position. In his new position, he will be teaching a number of courses in the new program “Sciences for Hi-Tech” that has been recently opened for both undergrads and graduate students in the Faculty of Engineering at Tel-Aviv University, with the goal to train high-quality students with multidisciplinary skills. He will continue his research, which is focused on statistical signal processing for challenges such as cybersecurity and resilience of smart-city and power infrastructure, and opportunistic environmental monitoring.

“The experience and the knowledge I gained during my time at Columbia University made a huge impact on me as a person and as a researcher. And although I am starting a new position at Tel-Aviv University, which is located half-way around the world, The people I got to know and the collaborations that were established during my appointment at Columbia will follow me for years to come, and will certainly shape my academic career,” said Jonathan.