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Video about Tingjun Chen featured in the Columbia Engineering website

Tingjun ChenWiMNet Ph.D. student Tingjun Chen was featured in the Student Spotlight section of the Columbia Engineering website with the following video.

Tingjun Chen, a PhD candidate in electrical engineering, translates his expertise in developing algorithms and running simulations into real-world, next-gen Internet of Things technologies as part of COSMOS—a testbed for advanced wireless research headed by Professor Gil Zussman. From installing antennas on Columbia’s engineering building to implementing hardware for smart-city technologies, Chen plays a key role on the COSMOS team.

“To put everything together, you have to know the fundamentals of the whole system from integrated circuits and fiber optics to cloud computing,” Chen notes. ”For me, nothing is more rewarding than proving something on paper—which always looks perfect—and then seeing it work as predicted.”

His talents have already earned him numerous honors, including the Facebook Fellowship in Networking and Connectivity, the Wei Family Private Foundation Fellowship, and the Columbia University Electrical Engineering Armstrong Memorial Award.