Columbia University

Plenary Talk at NETGCOOP 2018

globalsipProf. Zussman was a Plenary Speaker at the International Conference on NETwork Games, COntrol and Optimization (NETGCOOP 2018).

The Plenary Talk focused on resilience of the power grid to cyber and physical attacks. The abstract is below and the presentation is available here.

Power Grid State Recovery following a Joint Cyber and Physical Attack

Abstract: We focus on joint cyber and physical attacks on power grids and present methods to retrieve the grid state information following such attacks. We consider models where an adversary attacks an area by (i) physically disconnecting some of the power lines, and (ii) blocking/modifying the measurements from monitoring devices within the area to mask the line failures. We use tools from linear algebra and graph theory, and leverage the properties of the power flow equations to develop methods for state recovery. Namely, using information observed outside of the attacked area, these methods recover information about the disconnected lines and the state inside the attacked area. We identify sufficient conditions on the area structure and constraints on the attack characteristics such that these methods can correctly recover the state. We consider the DC and AC power flow models, measurement noise, and false data injection attacks, and present corresponding analytical and numerical results.

Based on joint work with Saleh Soltan (Princeton) and Mihalis Yannakakis (Columbia)