Columbia University

Saleh Soltan, Varun Gupta, Tingjun Chen, and Steven Alfano Receive Awards

WiMNet former Ph.D. students Saleh Soltan and Varun Gupta, current Ph.D. student Tingjun Chen, and former M.S. student Steven Alfano received four awards from the Department of Electrical Engineering:
  • Saleh received the Jury Award – “Established in 1991, this award is presented to a graduate student or recent graduate for outstanding achievment in the areas of systems, communications, signal processing, or circuits”. This is the highest recognition awarded by the department to a Ph.D. student and recognizes Saleh’s outstanding research in the area of power grid resilience.
  • Varun received the Electrical Engineering Collaborative Research Award – “presented to PhD candidates who make a superb contribution to a collaborative research effort.” The award recognizes Varun’s excellent contribution to the AMuSe project and his role in leading the collaborations within the project over the past few years.
  • Tingjun received the Millman Teaching Assistant Award“Awarded to graduate students who demonstrate outstanding performance as a Teaching Assistant.”
  • Steven received the M.S. Research Award for his research within the FlexICoN project.

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