Columbia University

Varun Gupta and Craig Gutterman selected to participate in the NYC Media Lab Combine program

The Adaptive Multicast Services (AMuSe) project, led by WiMNet Ph.D. students Varun Gupta and Craig Gutterman, was selected to participate in the NYC Media Lab Combine program.

Nearly 60 teams submitted concepts to the program. These teams included faculty and students at nine New York City universities in disciplines ranging from design to computer science to engineering. The NYC Media Lab, with input from member companies and advisors, selected nine teams for the cohort that will advance into a market validation program. Each team is supported by an initial grant of $25,000. Throughout the Combine program, the NYC Media Lab will match teams with industry mentors. At the conclusion of the program, teams will pitch their concept to the NYC Media Lab corporate members at a demo day on Apr. 8th.

The AMuSe project that is conducted in collaboration with Dr. Yigal Bejerano from Bell Labs focuses on developing a system for multimedia content (e.g., video) delivery via Wi-Fi to very large groups. The project was motivated by the need to wirelessly deliver video to mobile devices in crowded venues, for instance, to viewers in a football stadium who want to see a replay of a recent touchdown on their phones. Wi-Fi support for multicast is limited and therefore, the team has been developing a system that collects accurate feedback (channel quality) from a small number of users and adapts the transmission accordingly. A demo of the system recently received the second place prize in the NYC Media Lab 2015 Summit (for more details, see the SEAS news item).

For more information see the news release and the SEAS news item.