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Second place prize for a demo in the NYC Media Lab Summit

A demo presented in the NYC Media Lab Summit by WiMNet students Raphael Norwitz, Savvas Petridis, Craig Gutterman, and Varun Gupta along with Dr. Yigal Bejerano (from Alcatel Lucent Bell Labs) received the second place prize (selected from about 100 demos).

The demo presents the Adaptive Multicast Services (AMuSe) system whose development is motivated by the fact that WiFi lacks adequate support for multicast services. Specifically, the ability of WiFi to provide multimedia content distribution to a large number of devices is limited. In recent WiMNet papers we proposed a scalable and adaptive system for WiFi multicast which is based on accurate receiver feedback and that incurs a small control overhead. Specifically, the system includes a scheme for dynamic selection of a subset of the multicast receivers as feedback nodes, which periodically send information, such as channel quality or received packet statistics, to the multicast sender. We implemented the AMuSe system in the ORBIT testbed and evaluated its performance in large groups with 150-200 receivers.

The demo includes a dynamic web-based application that demonstrates the operation of the system based on actual traces collected on the testbed in several experiment. It demonstrates the operation of AMuSe in various setting and environments. For more details, see the demo description in the upcoming IEEE LCN’15 website.

Some of the demos that participated in the demo session are described in the following list and the full list of award winners can be found here.

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